Today’s Earworm

Push It by Salt-N-Pepa.

Not sure when it started, but it’s been well over a year. Every morning I wake up and I have an earworm. Every morning it is different and every morning it defies any effort to remove it. The only constant seems to be a song that I haven’t actively listened to in recent years or is a song from a band I actively dislike, such as yesterday’s selection, Living on a Prayer by Bon Jovi. It eventually fades as the day’s activity consumes my attention.

My brain is doing something with this and my first waking hours are, while not acutely painful, certainly annoying at a low level. I suspect some part of the SSD that is my brain is just doing a bit of housecleaning. I cannot determine, at this time, if there is any deeper motivations behind my brain’s desire to annoy me so. My only respite occurs during my morning meditation session.

I do want it to end. If this truly **is** my brain’s way of clearing up extra space, well, then I have 45 years or so of active and passive music listening to look forward to. This fills me with some level of dread. I really don’t need Right Said Fred tomorrow.

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