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What this is

I’m not sure what this is, really. I wanted a way to express some creativity through a mix of photography and writing since I have a strong interest in each. So I installed WordPress on my domain I’ve had since the blink tag was considered cool and found a pretty nifty photography theme that lets me post photos with blog posts.

My goal is to get better at capturing the life around me, the environment I find myself in and the people I share it with, to move beyond taking snap shots and into a creative space that will be good for my soul. I think this is why, when I installed the software and was prompted for a blog title, I typed ‘Yes!’ It seems like the simplest way to express the limitless possibilities that exist if you open your mind to them. In hindsight I wasn’t trying to reference the Jim Carey movie, but certainly the journey he takes in that film is representative of the growth a person can achieve when they are open to possibilities rather than closed off from them.

I want to post a new photo every day, perhaps some words as well, if the mood strikes. In the past, I’ve spent too much time being a perfectionist about these sorts of creative endeavors and found that the perfect is the enemy of the good and nothing ever got done. Well, this blog is a declaration of the doing, a public statement that I will do creative things and do them often. Notice that I didn’t say I would do them well, at least not at first, because I am confident that will take care of itself as time passes.

I live in one of the greatest cities in the country for creatives. This place has more personality in three blocks than most cities have within their limits. I am going to document it all, if I can, accept the energy the city gives off and give back in spades.